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We believe that writing a Will is one of the most essential steps that you can take when planning for the future. Our Will Writing service allows you to put your affairs in order for the people and organisations you care about and for them to benefit when you are no longer here.

Why write a Will?

  • Have control over who benefits from your estate
  • Provide financial security for your loved ones
  • Appoint legal guardians for your children and dependants
  • Leave a legacy to a charity or organisation

What happens if I die without a Will (intestate)?

  • No control who benefits from your estate
  • Loved ones may miss out on an inheritance and the security that offers
  • The state will decide who will look after your children or dependants
  • If you are unmarried, your partner may not receive anything

Why use our Will Writing Service?

All of our Wills are drafted by trained professional Will writers via a telephone or video call, negating the need to visit any legal offices or having anyone visit your home. We endeavour to make the process as simple as possible, and it shouldn’t take longer than an hour to discuss.

Once drafted you will receive your Will in a presentation folder in the post. You should receive a call from your Will writer to confirm all the details are correct and also guide you through the signing process to ensure validity.

Certain life events make it essential to update your Will, which is why we offer a courtesy call every year to check if you have had any changes to your personal circumstances.

What is Included in our Will Writing Service?

  • A professional folder for your important documents to be stored in
  • A Will printed on high quality paper
  • Indemnity cover of up to 2 million pounds
  • Instructions on how to sign the Will
  • A pen to sign the Will
  • Free ongoing support with regards to any future planning with Registered Documents

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